Oh the places we will go.

It’s rare that I get a chance to get away, so when I do I really try to maximize on the time I am gone. I got the chance to take a extended weekend off and go to visit my brother before he was deployed for yet another year over seas. I got into Navarre FL at about 4:30 a.m on Thursday night (Friday morning) I got to take my daughter along for the trip also. Upon putting her in bed her eyes sprung open and she was face to face with a horse lamp that my nephew had purchased my brother for Christmas, the reason I bring this up is because my daughter is obsessed with horses and she smiled at this with wide eyes and silence..it was hilarious to me. Started the trip off nicely. I went to bed and woke up at about 7 am to my brother slapping me in the face. My brothers and I are 12 years old when we are around one another. Unless we are in public and they turn into 58 year old up-tight business men with tight lipped smiles when I try to be humorous (brothers if you’re reading this, don’t read that last part it’ll piss you off) 

The first day out we loaded up our kiddos and took them to the beach to run and  collect hermit crabs. played in the sand and had some interesting times with sea life.

The next day, which is pretty much the reason I wanted to update this blog….We went to Ponce De Leon Springs. It was absolutely one of the most beautiful things I have ever done, it exceeded my expectations and made me appreciate how wonderful our planet is. One of those free gifts from our land. A little about this place. Ponce De Leon was in search of the  fountain of youth (as many of you know) and he thought this spring was it. It produces 14 million gallons of water that stay a chilly 67 degree’s all year round. It’s gorgeous. Seriously one of those things you see in a movie and never think you’ll be able to experience in real life. It exceeded all of my expectations seeing it in person and I had a blast with my family and fiance’. My brothers and I just jumped in off the diving platform and as soon as I hit the water I realized how warm 67 degree’s sounds and how cold 67 degree’s feels. It wakes you right up. My dad and I had a really good time watching peoples faces as they first emerged from the water. hilarious. There is also about a half mile hike that you can hike through in the springs that varies in ankle to waist deep water that runs into where the river flows and you can see a perfect line where the brown and clear water meet. One leg in warm water one leg in cold water. Incredibly interesting. Here are some pictures of the springs. 

These do it no justice. If you’re ever in Florida, treat yourself and go. 

I did a lot of soul searching while I was out. I made a lot of discoveries about myself, I came up with a lot of ideas, I answered a lot of my own questions and I clearly thought of a lot of music direction and ideas. 

The last night we were there we round up all the kids got them flashlights and my Fiance’ and I took them out to the ocean to hunt for ghost crabs. They were all losing their minds with excitement. I really got a kick out of watching them. I think this will be one of their life time memories. I feel really good about that. Eden said it was her favorite time during the trip. 

I opened my journal tonight and came across a letter Mikey wrote to Jackie…funny how some things that made you so proud and happy once…will bring back the memory and rip your heart from your chest less than a year later. I sure do miss you, Mikey. So I’m sitting here indian style watching the smoke dance off the tip of my cigarette and drift into the humidty of a damp night sky. Swallowing the frog in my throat so it can swim in my stomach. Thoughtful, reflective…approaching a world of creativity but telling myself not to write a song..I don’t wanna hear that song.

here’s a clue…but not THE clue.

New Tee Shirts?

I have had a few people ask when the next design will be available. SOON. I’ve reached out to a few artists that I dig that have shown interest in being a part of the ever expanding artist series of low run designs. I’d say within the coming weeks expect a pre-order link. I think you’ll really dig it, just as much as the last one……Did you miss the last one? Well here is the sold out design by Tyler Coey. 

Some Back Story To The Doomsday Track

Figure and I have worked together in the past, mainly just hip hop joints and we even took our act on the road back in 06-07 even as late as 08. We had not worked together for awhile, as Figure was establishing himself as an entity of his own and building a really strong following, not to mention great music. He called me up out of the blue in typical Figure fashion and was like..Hey I have something for you to rap on but it is going to be really different…Something you may or may not wanna do check your inbox in 5 minutes. See what that normally means is that within the next few days I can expect to get something in my email from him, but not this time. This meant he was very excited. There was a skeleton of what the song would become in my inbox..I listened to it..I wrote the first verse at work in between people walking inside and bothering me. So I was frustrated. I went home and immediately laid the verse for it and sent it to him..Called…he listened. I wanted to make sure this didn’t die off, I wanted to keep him excited for it. He sends me back a newer version of the beat and I finish the second and third verse. He sends back what would be almost the final version of the song the next day. I listen over it and I love it, Though I am worried what my audience and what his audience are going to think of it. Genre hopping and bending is pretty frowned upon, especially with people in the indie world…It’s a tough field to keep people happy in. I think about this quite often…We both voiced our concerns of this and then basically came to the conclusion of why the fuck do we care? Creativity isn’t for anyone but ourselves, If people like it that is great and if they don’t like it in some weird way that is great too! We didn’t compromise ourselves because of public opinion. That was a liberating thought…So we set it into motion, I went over to figures basement studio and gave a few ideas and watched him work. He is a scatter brained genius. I mean that in the nicest and most complimentary way I can exude. He is very ADD when creating, but it’s a madness that he understands and works perfectly in. He also work more quickly than any other producer I have ever seen..I’d be like…I think this part should stutter..He’d literally do it in 10 seconds, I have never seen anything like it. He also has a way of making drums that I have never seen another producer do, but I wont give away that secret. As he was working he would tell me exactly what he was doing as he did it and I felt like I was speaking to an alien. The result, Is the song that you all hear now. It’s  gotten a really great response and I could not be more happy about that. I appreciate you all reaching out and saying such great things. There is more to come! I think you all are really going to like the monster….keep it mind, it’s all different and it’s not all going to sound this way. But it’s all going to make sense as a whole. You all fucking rule and I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you taking time out to either read or listen to me.  

Here’s a single from the monster and the wishing well..with Figure! 

In the studio with figure while he edits. 

With Eric in the studio, building from scratch. 

This demo is getting re-worked with live instrumentation and of course cleaner vocals. here are the lyrics

i want you to feel me trying to fit inside this skin, 
wishin death was something we didnt believe in, 
ashes in the wind trying to figure out the science, 
eyes on the hills like blankets on giants, 
they say theirs calm in the silence but i think they all lyin, 
on pillow tops where the sillouttes pop with vibrance, 
floor boards creek its how the house speaks, 
aint no tears on my cheeks cause theres years in my week, 
ness stress got a lot of marks in my friends, 
i feel it in their hands when they squeeze to compensate, 
guess they shoulders got a lot of weight, 
no one told em how to learn to wait so they turned to hate, 
what you do when all them pearly gates turn to flames?, 
i guess you burn yourself away cause aint no fuckin need to change, 
i learned to bleed my name and only got my heart to blame, 
i heard an angels songs and felt no peace inside my chains, 
so what and who cares well so long to these chairs, 
that belong to this room i just use these issues, 
i wonder when it stops, 
a heart full of knots and a gun in my thoughts, 
we can talk about it all but you call the shots…(or maybe not?)

So it begins

This blog will serve as a “behind the scenes” of sorts, Forth the process of The Monster and The Wishing Well album.